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Breath Therapy in Arlington, Arizona

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Breath Therapy is based on two central ideas. First, that the natural human breathing function operates at only a fraction of its full capacity and second, that Breath Therapy can restore the circulation of oxygen to the proper and full amount needed by the body. Breath Therapy is used as a natural healing method and therapy for the body and mind. Breath Therapy uses specific techniques designed to correct flaws in the learned breathing patterns of everyone. Exercises to control and direct breath for the purpose of redirecting vital energy flows are taught by trained breathing coaches and masters.

Breath Therapy has at its origin the Eastern philosophies of meditation, self awareness and conscious observation of our body and its function. Practitioners of Breath Therapy experience effects such as profound spiritual awakening, heightened creative expression and relief from pain and anxiety.

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Hot Spring Wellness Center
Therapuetic/sports/relaxation massage, reflexology, herbs and nutrition. Open Oc

Tonopah, I-10 Exit3 #94, AZ 85354
(15 miles away)
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