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Energy Healing in Arlington, Arizona

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Energy Healing techniques encompass a range of modalities and practices. First it is important to understand energy itself. All matter is made up of atoms, molecules, microns and smaller sub-atomic particles. These energy particles are the essence of everything we know around us. Energy Healing traditions call this Universal Energy. It is known as the Life Force, Chi or Qi, Prana, Ki, Loong, Bla, Mana and others. Energy Healing techniques and therapies seek to help our bodies achieve a balanced and clean flow of continuous energy. A common thread within all Energy Healing work is the idea that blockages occur in our life force energy. Removing the blockages and restoring the clean flow of energy is the goal of Energy Healing.

Some popular Energy Healing modalities include, but are not limited to; Reiki, Quantum Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Qi Gong, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Healing Touch, Chakra Therapy, Integrative Energy Therapy and others.

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Hot Spring Wellness Center
Therapuetic/sports/relaxation massage, reflexology, herbs and nutrition. Open Oc

Tonopah, I-10 Exit3 #94, AZ 85354
(15 miles away)
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