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Esalen Therapeutic Massage in Arlington, Arizona

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Esalen Therapeutic Massage is a style of massage similar to Swedish, although the Esalen technique has a foundation in Gestalt therapy, rather than gymnastics. Esalen Therapeutic Massage embodies a philosophy that touch is a basic human need and that giving and receiving massage is a crucial component to personal growth and well-being. Esalen Massage is considered unique, not just because of the focus on touching, caring and energy awareness, but also because it was traditionally performed in the nude. As part of the intention to break down the social barriers and differences between giver and receiver, both were typically unclothed. Most Esalen Therapeutic Massage that is performed outside of the Esalen Institute now is done with the practitioner dressed in loose and informal clothing.

It is said of Esalen Massage, that it is purely indulgent and designed “only” to make one feel good. The modality’s creators however, say that is the intention. That feeling good is good for you, in body, spirit and emotion. Esalen massagers believe that pleasure itself is therapeutic.

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