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Mattes Method in Arlington, Arizona

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The Mattes Method of Active Isolated Stretching involves the isolated manual stretching of individual muscles and their fascial plane. The Mattes Method uses active movement and reciprocal inhibition in an effort to reduce co-contractions and optimize flexibility. The technique of using Active Isolated Stretching in a therapeutic treatment is what the Mattes Method is all about, while controlling the body’s autonomic defensive stretching reflex. The Mattes Method follows a six step protocol consisting of; identifying the muscle and its attachment point, isolating the muscle, patient initiates a contraction of the muscle, facilitator assists in stretching the muscle gently, moving the muscle in its myofascial plane and finally, back to the relaxed state.

The Mattes Method was developed in the 1970s by Aaron Mattes as a therapeutic sports medicine technique applied to many musculoskeletal conditions. (See also Active Isolated Stretching)

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