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Structural Energetic Therapy in Dateland, Arizona

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Structural Energetic Therapy (SET) is a type of therapy designed to provide relief from chronic and acute pain. Structural Energetic Therapy works to rehabilitate the physical conditions in the body that are responsible for pain. This type of therapy combines Soft Tissue therapy with Craniosacral and Structural therapy with an aim toward complete structural rehabilitation. A Structural Energetic Therapist will use techniques such as; Myofascial Restructuring, Emotional Energy Release, Acupressure, Kinesiology, Postural Analysis, Scar Tissue and Adhesion Release and Deep Tissue Therapy to effect a reeducation of the body’s structural patterns.

Structural Energetic Therapy was Don McCann over is more than thirty-three years of physical therapy practice. McCann developed a specific sequence of techniques, including Structural Core Distortion therapy, to initiate the unwinding of patterns in our bodies and promote the necessary soft tissue releases.

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